Sierra GamersEdit

Sierra Gamers is the "Official website of Ken and Roberta Williams, and is dedicated to the history and products of Sierra On-Line Inc." The site was initially founded and maintained by Ken Williams, roughly around 2000. Sierra On-Line existed from 1979-1996, when the company was sold. When it sold, Roberta and Ken retired, and this website was the primary way of contacting them. Ken Williams remains active on the boards, and often answers any questions directly posed to him. Roberta has taken to remaining "out of the limelight" and rarely does interviews. To my knowledge, she has no activity on the boards.

As many Sierra fan sites began to disappear due to waning fan interest or the inability to maintain server costs, Sierra Gamers was become an increasingly important nexus of Sierra fan information and discussion. In 2010, the general maintainence of the site was turned over the Andy Linnenkohl, who was the original webmaster of The Sierra Vault. Unable to keep up with the server costs of The Sierra Vault, Andy sent out a "four month warning" over the Sierra Gamer boards, announcing that he no longer had the financial means to keep The Sierra Vault active. Ken responded to Andy by telling him to move all his content to Sierra Gamers and become the webmaster. Andy is in the process of transfering his content to the Sierra Gamers website, however he has had difficulty upload some artifacts. It should be noted the Andy has personal stores of a tremendous amount of Sierra print ephemera, which he has generously shared with the author of this wiki.


The content on Sierra Gamers includes:

  • an comprehensive list of all Sierra releases, organized by dates and media, and also divided by subsidiary company
  • PDFs of much Sierra print ephemera, including product catalogues, Interaction magazine, hint books, technical manuals and copyright protection documents
  • Write-ups and photos of ex-Sierra staff, and Sierra's various company headquarters
  • An active Sierra message board forum, and a blog with updates on Sierra staff and games
  • Information on donating scans to the collection
  • links to other fan sites, ex-employee sites and adventure game sites