Geoffrey R. Loftus and Elizabeth F. LoftusEdit

Geoffrey Loftus is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington. He received a B.A. at Brown and a Ph.D. from Stanford, both in experimental psychology. Mind at Play was his third book; his research specialties include perception, memory, and statistics. He published Mind at Play and one article on the topic of video games.

Elizabeth F. Loftus is a Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology at UC-Irvine and a Professor at the University of Washington. According to her website, her specialty is cognitive psychology, human memory, psychology and law (eyewitness testimony, repressed memory, etc.). Judging from her CV, her work on games was a minor portion of her research.

Mind at Play: The Psychology of Video Games [1983]Edit

Mind at Play is a general audience text, cleanly written and no doubt looking to cash in on the video game craze. The book is a compilation of outside research--the authors did no specific studies on the topic themselves. The book is arranged in 6 chapters:

Videomania: general introduction

Why Video Games of Fun: analyzing concepts of reinforcement, extinction, cognitive dissonance, regret, alternate worlds, and some gender comparatism

Games and Cognitive Systems: How games relate to our cognitive system of perception, attention, memory, expectancy, motor performance, problem solving and gaming strategies

Arcade Subculture: Socialization and play experience in the arcade

Learning from the Screen: Games as educational; a sincere chapter on the potential of video games as educational media.

The Computer Connection: a history and explanation of how computers work